Minor Surgery

Dr Paul Charlson


Minor surgery- removal skin lesions

Our CQC registered clinic provides minor surgery on skin lesions in a safe clinical environment. Paul is a highly experienced and trained dermatological  minor skin lesion surgeon. He aims to provide minimally invasive techniques which as virtually painless and with as scar free result as is possible.

Minor skin lesions such as moles, skin tags, cysts(often known as sebaceous or pilar cysts) and other minor lesions such as milia  may be distressing and often keep growing causing discomfort and embarrassment. These lesions may be removed quickly and easily using local anaesthetic. Moles require further analysis by a laboratory to check for malignancy.

We also provide a biopsy service for scalp lesions, hair loss and other lumps and bumps.

Paul uses techniques such as  punch excision and shave excision to reduce the scar utilising his many years of surgical experience removing lesions in NHS and private dermatology clinics. He is continually refining his techniques.

Pre consultation ,consultation and photoanalysis

We recognise our patient may live quite far away and lead busy lives so we provide a simple photo appraisal to indicate prices and options.

Our physical service includes short pre surgical consultation which including dermatoscopic examination and post operative follow up. We are accessible from East Yorkshire, Hull, Leeds, York ,Bridlington Scarborough, Scunthorpe, Grimsby and Lincoln.

Check our prices https://skinqure.co.uk/prices/  

Please ask if you wish to know more about our pricing structure. It reflects the requirement to be insured and CQC registered. This should provide our patients the assurance they need.

If you have a lesion you would like removed by accessing our minor surgery service please contact

Dr Charlson on T: 01482 662480 or info@skinqure.co.uk

Minor surgery
keloid scar requiring steriod injection

Dr Charlson can take blood samples required by online laboratories for further analysis.

This service is available at Skinqure Clinic Welton. T: 01482 662480

Dr Charlson  runs a scar reduction clinic for raised itchy scars and

treatments for acne scarring.

Please contact us for more information or for a consultation.