Treatment of superficial veins with 532 laser

The 532 laser destroys superficial  veins  and reduces the effects of deeper veins that cause redness and flushing. The laser directs a pulse of high energy directly into your vein at a rate that causes destruction of the vein with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue. Minimal tissue damage reduces side effects and pain, the procedure is exceptionally well tolerated.

This treatment has excellent patient satisfaction ratios as it delivers immediate results on individual thread veins and spider naevi. Thread veins on the chest may also be removed.

It is possible to treat superficial leg veins which gradually disappear

Rosacea and flushing.

Removing superficial thread veins with the laser helps to  treat rosacea and flushing but the conditions are complex and additional  treatments are usually required on a ongoing basis.  These treatments may include anti inflammatory face washes, antibiotics and specialist prescription creams.

Spider naevus removal

A collection of dilated capillaries just beneath the circus of the skin can be destroyed instantly with the laser.



Gemini laser in NOT suitable for higher Fitzpatrick skin types.

Price of a laser treatment is £200, a test patch is required.