Dr Paul Charlson


Dr Paul Charlson : Cryotherapy: treatment spectrum

Cyrosurgery is a quick, relatively painless and safe method of treating a variety of skin issues. Paul uses medical grade Cryotherapy from a flask to spray the lesion with liquid nitrogen which is @ -50C.

The most important element of cyrosurgery often known as cyropen or cyrotherapy is making the  CORRECT diagnosis of the lesion in the first place.

Many clinics pretend to know about skin but do not have the training to make a diagnosis. It is quite risky to treat undiagnosed skin lesions with cyrosurgery as the nature of them is changed. Paul examines your lesion first and often employs a dermatoscope to help him make the diagnosis when appropriate.

Treatment of lesions such as :Skin tags, Warts, Solar keratosis, Seborrhoic warts,Lentigo can all be easily treated with the cyrotherapy.

Other skin lesions such as moles and lumps may be easily removed by a process called shave excision. To be safe, any lesion removed by shave excision is sent off for laboratory analysis.


Cryotherapy is FROM  £150 for first treatment, subsequent treatments are charged according to number of lesions  Treatment may take one session or several depending on the lesion (s).


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wart removal with liquid nitrogen