Blood Testing

Dr Paul Charlson


At Skinqure Clinic, Welton we offer a comprehensive  range of blood tests , whether you are looking for ‘well woman/ well man’ screening or a specific test for allergies and sensitivities we are able to take a blood sample and send it off to our pathology service.

Blood tests examine and measure different components of the blood. Blood testing is one of the most common methods of medical testing, used to provide important information about countless aspects of health.

Broadly, the roles of blood testing in patient care include screening, diagnosis, and monitoring.

Screening tests are ordered to check for medical conditions in people without symptoms. A goal of screening tests is to find medical problems early when treatment may be more effective.

Diagnostic tests are used to detect or rule out a specific medical condition. When making a diagnosis, blood tests are often considered alongside other factors like your medical history, vital signs, and the results of a physical exam and imaging tests.

Monitoring tests can be used to check a person’s health over time and assess whether medical treatment is working. Periodic monitoring tests may be used to keep track of chronic diseases like diabetes or heart disease or to regularly assess the amount of a specific medicine in your body.

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