Back Pain and sciatica effective treatment

Back Pain and Sciatica  Effective Treatment

There are few things that are more miserable and debilitating than chronic back pain. Many patients are referred to pain clinics that offer every increasing doses of drugs that have limited effectiveness 

and unpleasant side effects. Cosmetic injections, which are used to treat chronic migraines can be extremely effective in blocking the pain. These injections are simple, easy to administer and are free from side effects.

If you are suffering from chronic referred and debilitating back pain and sciatica a small amount of toxin injected into the lower back can effectively reduce symptoms

In many cases these injections facilitate a  significant improvement in back pain symptoms with no side effects.

”treatment of low back pain with botulinum toxin A has been found to relieve low back pain in approximately half of the patients. The results of long-term follow up indicate that 90% of the responders continue to respond over a period of 12 months. The side effects are few, mild, and transient. The success may rest entirely on methodology which covers the whole low back area and uses a sufficient dose per site to exert the maximal effect.”

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