Brow Lift

Brow lift

Brow lift using non surgical techniques produces superb results.

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Youthful eyebrows run parallel to the eyes in a continuous line (the eyebrow SHELF), as we age eyebrows increasing have a ‘break’ in the centre and they descend down towards the eye, the space between the eye and eyebrows diminishes with increasing amounts of loose skin being seen.

If you look at a young girl’s face there is a pronounced fullness over the outer part of the eyebrow and to a lesser extent on inner part. There is also a fullness  in the temple. Aging causes loss of fat in these areas and this combined with loss of elasticity of the skin leads to drooping of the outer part of the eyebrow. The nice “shelf” between the bony rim of the eye and the outer part of the brow is lost and there is folding of the skin. Added to this the orbicularis oculi muscle creates further drag on the outer brow and crows feet.

Paul says” I use advanced techniques which I have learnt from leading specialists to develop my own unique lift using dermal fillers to replace the volume loss and botulinum toxin to relax the brow depressors. This creates a nice brow lift. If there is further laxity a PDO thread lift can be employed. We can perform these in London at our Canary Wharf, Chelsea and Marylebone clinics or in Yorkshire

Prices for a brow lift start at £300 for a filler and around £225 for toxin based lift. PDO thread lifts start at £750. A good brow augmentation using filler and toxin costs around £600.

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Before and after non surgical brow lift