Anti Wrinkle Injections

Anti Wrinkle Injections


Anti wrinkle injections come in three main categories:

Anti wrinkle injections all have distinct characteristics as an experienced Doctor, Paul is able to advise you  which combinations of treatment best suit your needs. He has performed thousands successful “Botox” anti wrinkle injection treatments. Successful, natural results depend on eyebrow placement and correct dosage to guard against the ”spock” eyebrow and a glossy waxy forehead. “Botox” is generally used in the upper face but can used elsewhere whilst dermal fillers can be administered to fill out wrinkles, add support and improve definition in your facial features.


Botulinum toxin is now firmly established at THE iconic cosmetic treatment of the 21st century. Effective and safe, It is beloved by celebrities and yet is accessible to all: we can all look more youthful, vibrant and energetic without the need to resort to expensive and risky surgery nor live with scars. Paul is a key opinion leader for major manufacturers of Botulinum Toxin . He concentrates on maximising the result . What patients wish to achieve varies and a tailored individual approach is key to this. Paul says ” It is about understanding how facial muscles work and combining this with the patient’s own requirements”

see article: Botulinum toxin in cosmetic dermatology (MIMS medical journal) by DR Paul Charlson

“Botox” relaxes the underlying facial muscles that cause your skin to crease and wrinkle, once relaxed, your skin smooths out and lines disappear. Pleasing results rely on the accurate placement of tiny amounts of toxin directly into the correct facial muscles, in the correct position at the correct depth. Ignorance of facial anatomy  can cause loss of facial symmetry and product wastage. Expert treatment diminishes lines and wrinkles, ‘opens’ up your eyes yet leaves a natural, fresh, pleasing appearance. Poor technique will leave your face looking mask like, unnatural and glossy or simply wonky.

Botox treatment results lasts between 3 and 6 months.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers have different characteristics and to achieve optimal outcome it is essential to choose the dermal filler that best suits your requirements.  We always keep a range of fillers in stock, which we can use to create the effect that is required. Many small clinics will keep ONE type of filler limiting the options. In addition, We ONLY use dermal fillers from reputable EU suppliers that are manufactured to the same standards as medicines. We do not source cheap product from China or elsewhere without CE marks. Dr Charlson has personally met with the scientists involved in developing many of the fillers he uses and has watched their manufacturing first hand.

Collagen injections have now been superseded by dermal filler treatments, as these do not require allergy testing and are more durable

Dermal fillers are incredibly versatile, they not only plump out lines and wrinkles but also give definition and lift to your face without scars or the risk and expense of surgery. Fillers are mostly composed of hyaluronic acid, found naturally in skin but some fillers are unique and contain products that offer more support and longevity. An experienced practitioner uses filler to replace lift and definition that diminishes as  your natural collagen and elastin is lost through aging.


Ellanse, Radiesse and Sculptra are  collagen stimulators giving long lasting support to your face. They  produce fantastic, subtle results that can last for years. The effects of each are different and depend on correct product placement and choice. Paul says ” I love these products especially for global treatment of the face with sculptra in the aged and volume depleted face or Radiesse for sharp jaw lines or in the neck and hands.

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