Weak Chin


Weak Chin

Men look more masculine with a square jaw and strong chin. Dr Charlson is able to use dermal filler to augment a weak or receeding chin. A more clearly defined chin adds symmentry to your face and effectively created a border betwwen the face and the neck improving attractiveness.

Dr CHarlson uses  dermal fillers such as Radiesse an FDA approved filler used by a many male actors to shape the jaw line increasing the width of the angle of the jaw, making the jaw line sharper and more pronounced and strengthening the chin . This provides satisfying results in most men It is a 30 minute procedure using cannulae rather than needles for less pain, bruising and better safety.

The effects of using dermal filler to strengthen the jaw line and improve a weak chin lasts aroung 6 to 9 months. This procedure may be used as a cosmetic treatemnt in younger patients or to redefine ythe chin and jaw line in older patients who have lost definition due to aging.

Prices are £300 for mild augmentation £500 for moderate and £600 for full augmention.

Sometimes Dr Charlson adds in some botox to weaken the muscle that creates popply chin which some men develop with age.

For women the jawline and the chin is also important. Aging reduces the distance from the nose to the chin tip this makes the face look rounder and less heart shaped the  ideal female face shape. Furthermore the jaw line loses definition and we lose the “hockey stick” look at the jaw angle. so important in photographic models. A nefertiti neck  lift with botox or masseter (cheek muscle) reduction can also be added.

Prices are £300 for mild augmentation, £500 for moderate and £750 for nefertiti left plus jaw line