PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is also sometimes referred to as the ”vampire” facial.

PRP treatment has been used successfully to aid healing and rejuvenation after surgery and sports injuries for sometime and this technology is now available for skin rejuvenation.

The therapy is known as the ‘vampire facial’ because it involves harvesting platelets from a sample of YOUR OWN blood. Your platelets are then concentrated by using centrifugal force to separate out and concentrate your platelets which are then gently reinjected into the treatment area. This could be under your eyes, lower face, hands, decolletage , PRP is even used to stimulate new hair growth in the scalp and treat scarring including acne scarring

Because PRP uses your OWN platelets it is well tolerated with minimal risk of allergy or side effects.

Why do platelets aid healing and rejuvenation ? Because platelets release tissue growth factors which,  in turn stimulates blood supply and collagen formation.

You will need a series of treatments to achieve optimal results