Tixel skin rejuvenation 10/10 from Sunday Times

We know its a great skin rejuvenation treatment but it’s always satisfying to have confirmation from an independent source, especially one at prestigious as the Sunday Times. TIXEL skin rejuvenation gets rated 10/10 by the Sunday Times Style Magazine for collagen synthesis and wrinkle smoothing power.

Tixel is a TOTALLY unique system that harnesses the power of direct HEAT to create micropores from the skin surface down into the skin’s dermal layer where collagen synthesis takes place. When the micropores heal, collagen is produced and the texture of skin improves. This process takes place with MINIMAL downtime and much less discomfort than a CO2 laser resurfacing procedure. 

Better still. at Skinqure Clinic, our prices start at £350, half the price charged at other clinics.  Tixel may be used to treat wrinkles on the eyes, face, around the mouth, neck, decolletage and hands.