Tixel continues to impress

Tixel continues to impress. aas the new heat based skin rejuvenation system, TIXEL, continues to impress practitioners and clients proving that you can now combine excellent skin rejuvenation treatment with impressive results, superb safety and practicality. For a TIXEL appointment ring 01482 662480  or E: info@skinqure.co.uk, 


  • removes fine lines and wrinkles
  • helps clear age spots and pigmentation
  • improves luminosity and quality of skin
  • very safe
  • low downtime, practical and workable for busy people
  • competitive pricing, from £350 for eyes
  • treat eyes, face, neck, hands and decolletage 
  • safe in all skin types

    skin rejuvenation by TIXEL

    Unique heat technology rejuvenates skin, scars, pigmentation

Tixel is endorsed by some of the most senior dermatologists working in cosmetic medicine and highly experienced in laser use who love the combination of efficaciousness, safety and practicality


Consultant occular plastic surgeon Sabrina Shah Desai


” Gives the effect of a Co2 laser, but without the downtime… its safety profile is excellent.. The main reason I bought it was seeing results on 1 patient .. she had loose crepey skin under the eye and had an amazing result ….. I cannot begin to say how Tixel has changed my practice and increased my patient footfall”




” I have been using Tixel for the past year and a half, one of the best devices I ever bought, Particuarly for peri-orbital rejuvenation, fantastic results for scarring and general skin sundamage”


Dr Harryono Judodihardjo, dermatologist and owner 3 clinics 

; ” Tixel is a gamechanger, so popular and such good results I now have 3 machines! “



Tixel produces outstanding results and has become indispensable in my Dermatology clinic. It allows me to offer fractional resurfacing for ageing and acne scarring safely to all skin types. In addition, the open-channel mode for transdermal delivery of topical agents has many exciting applications for a Dermatologist and has revolutionised my management of conditions such as melasma.” 


Dr Sajjad Rajpar FRCP, Consultant Dermatologist, Belgravia Dermatology.


For a TIXEL appointment ring 01482 662480  or E: info@skinqure.co.uk,