Thread Vein Treatment Hull


Thread vein treatment Hull

Thread vein treatment

Rosacea treatment

Our laser is the Gemini 532nm which treats

  • thread veins on nose, cheeks and chin
  • rosacea
  • flushing
  • age spots
  • facial rejuvenation

Our Gemini 532 nm laser specifically targets superficial red thread vein treatment.  This specificity makes the treatment:

  • fast
  • very effective
  • less painful
  • less downtime
  • high client satisfaction rate
  • many clients need only SINGLE full session

The laser destroys superficial individual veins INSTANTLY and reduces the effects of deeper veins that cause redness and flushing. The laser directs a pulse of high energy directly into your vein, so quickly that it allows destruction of the vein with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue. Minimal tissue damage reduces side effects and pain, the procedure is exceptionally well tolerated.

This treatment has excellent patient satisfaction ratios as it delivers immediate results on individual thread veins and spider naevi. Thread veins on the chest may also be removed.

Superficial leg veins may be treated also.

Flushing, high colour and rosacea are treated by the action of the laser on deeper veins and also by destruction of the network of tiny veins that cover the face.

Gemini laser in NOT suitable for higher Fitzpatrick skin types.

When directed at highly concentrated melanocytes in an age spot, the laser energy will cause the spot to scab over and either fade or disappear over a few weeks.

  • Initial treatment is £200 ; test session + full session

IPL machines are NOT laser, they are less powerful and not specific so are less effective and cause more pain and side effects