Skin Peels


SKINCEUTICALS: Advanced clinical skincare


Skin Peels

Skin Peel Facials at Skinqure Clinic:

We offer advanced skin treatments with SKINCEUTICALS skin care. These skin treatments are formulated to provide maximum impact with minimal downtime. Like all peels, they are most effective when administered as an initial  course with added maintenance treatments used alongside home skin care. These peels tackle a range of common skin concerns,  including dehydration, acne and pigmentation

This advanced skin care is available exclusively from medical cosmetic dermatology clinics. Price per peel is £100, pigment peel £125.

Course: 4 x peels is £300, pigment peel £350

We also offer packages including Skinceuticals advanced skincare, LED lights and microdermabrasion , all offering extremely generous discounts for superb value.
If you care about your skin your need to nourish it with pure, effective skin care of medical quality


Skin Peels


  • dry dull skin
  • course texture
  • pigmentation
  • acne and comedones
  • blackheads
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • uneven skin tone

The treatments contain:

  • lactic acid
  • glycolic acid
  • salicylic acid
  • retinol (vitamin A)
  • hyaluronic acid
  • plant stem cells
  • vitamin C
  • concentrated lightening serum
  • essential minerals for skin health


Most routinely available skin care ranges, even those which are extremely expensive do not contain a high enough concentration of active ingredients to prevent and reverse the signs of ageing.
Skinceuticals is a professional and home care skin range system that combines:

  • a proven range of anti ageing ingredients
  • effective delivery systems
  • highly trained clinical staff




Proven to speed up cell turnover and produce new healthy skin cells. Treats sun damage, wrinkles and pigmentation. Increases oxygen supply in the skin, increases collagen synthesis and increases skin hydration. Also treats acne.


Digest dead skin cells softening and smoothing the skin.

Protein and Peptides

The skin’s chemical messengers, peptides influence the skin cells behaviour. Peptides can be used to increase collagen and elastin production.


Skinceuticals have a range of patented unique antioxidant serums that protect youyr skin from the destructive effects of free radicals. Free radicals are highly active molecules that destroy skin cell DNA and promote cell destruction. Free radicals attack the skin resulting in ageing, lines, wrinkles, age spots etc. Antioxidants neutralise these reactive oxygen molecules, Improving skin’s health and vitality. Essential ingredients to slow ageing and preserve skin condition.


Zinc, magnesium, silver, copper and gold: essential for skin health and cell function. Deep delivery results in strong, smooth radiant skin in excellent condition.

Hydroxy acids

Alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) exfoliate and regenerate. Lactic acid improves texture, tone and hydration. Effectiveness depends on molecule size and pH.

Beta hydroxy acid (salicylic acid) exfoliant, anti bacterial reduces sebum