Rosacea is a distressing condition that causes the sufferer high colour, outbreaks of acne and flushing. It is also often also associated with thread veins which may be removed with our laser.

Paul has seen an excellent response to a new cream now available for redness and high colour. These symptoms are thought to be in response to the effects of mites on the skin. These mites are present on everyone’s skin but in certain people the produce extreme redness, irritation and spots.

There’s currently no cure for rosacea, but treatment with  the cream can help control the symptoms.

Long-term treatment is usually necessary, although there may be periods when your symptoms improve and you can stop treatment temporarily.

For most people, treatment also involves a combination of self-help measures and medication, such as:

  • avoiding known triggers – for example, avoiding drinks containing alcohol or caffeine
  • creams and gels – medications applied directly to the skin to reduce spots and redness
  • oral medications – tablets or capsules that can help clear up more severe spots, such as oral antibiotics


If you would like a dermatology consultation with a view to trying this medication please contact us. 

Price for consult is £200

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