Rosacea treatment


Rosacea treatment

A dermatology consultation with Paul for advice on Rosacea is £200. He may prescribe a new medicated cream that kills skin mites present on the skin and causes rosacea, redness and acne in sensitive people.

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Rosacea is a very common problem that gradually worsens into middle age. It affects males and females. Many men develop significant thread veins and redness on their noses which become very apparent, especially when combined with alcohol that causes vasodilatation of the blood vessels. Symptoms in middle aged women are also worsened by menopausal flushing . Your skin may even look ‘burnt’ in certain cases. The rosacea is often accompanied by spots especially on the cheeks near your nose and the skin can be both dry and greasy and flaky.

In our experiences GPs often lack specialist knowledge of rosacea and the condition is often deteriorates unnecessarily.

It is also very important to protect your skin with anti oxidants and SPF sunblocks that contain high quality effective ingredients

Rosacea advice

We can offer advice treatment and support for rosacea. Our 532 laser is a brilliant treatment that destroys thread veins , reduces high colour and diminishes flushing.
Dr Charlson, who works as an NHS dermatologist can offer advice on prescriptions treatments that may be available and if these would be of benefit in your case.
Acne rosacea is is not a true acne.

Rosacea presents with facial flushing, redness, spots and thickened oily skin. The redness and telangiectasia (thread veins) associated with roseacea can be effectively treated with the Gemini 532 laser which targets the red pigment inside blood vessels and destroys them. The spots can be treated with antibiotics and the oily skin with Lira skin treatments.

Treatment with the Gemini 532 laser is £200/session

Skin peels are from £100

Cleansers are £25 and creams £35

A dermatology consultation with Dr Charlson is £200

A consultation for peels and skin care is free