Private Dermatology Appointment

Private Dermatology Appointment

Private dermatology appointment and private dermatology advice is for those patients suffering with a dermatological skin complaint who wish to seek further advice on the treatment of their skin condition and have more time to discuss causes and treatment options.

What is a dermatologist ?

Dermatologists are medical doctors who have trained in medicine and then decided to specialise in dealing with disease of the skin (also the hair and nails). Most of our work is based in clinics seeing outpatients but many of us also have a commitment to overseeing inpatients with more serious diseases. Another part of our job is Skin Surgery . Dr Charlson is a GPSI or GP with special Interest in Dermatology, he runs NHS dermatology clinics with NHS consultants and holds a diploma in practical dermatology from Cardiff University,

If you wish to book an appointment please E MAIL :E mail for private dermatology consultation or phone 01482 66 24 80

Dr Charlson is a highly experienced cosmetic and NHS dermatologist.

He is able to offer advice and treatment for  a range of skin conditions including:

  • acne
  • acne scarring
  • roseacea
  • eczema
  • dermatitis
  • folliculitis
  • keloid scarring
  • skin lesions
  • lumps & bumps

Dr Charlson charges £250 for a private dermatology appointment appointment, he will generally need to write to your GP to inform them of and recommendations or treatment.

Other medical treatments include:

  • sclerotherapy for thread vein removal
  • treatment of headache and migraine with botox
  • treatment of sweating with botox