Price List Skinqure Clinic


SKINQURE CLINIC         January 2022

Private dermatology consultation £150

Treatment Price Effect
Botox  1 area + £25 men £175 * Erases lines around the eyes
Botox 2 areas £225 * Erases lines eyes and forehead
Botox 3 areas £250 * Erases lines upper face, nose, etc
Botox Neck & Jaw Nefertiti From £250 Smooths neck, jaw line defined
Botox mastoid reduction From £200 Reduces a round face and helps tooth grinding
Botox gummy smile £200 Reduces gummy smile


Back Pain


From £600


Kills Pain and reduces attack frequency

 AQUALYX fat dissolving From £295 Removes resistant pockets of fat
Profhilo collagen remodeller

·         Lower face

·         Neck

·         Decolletage

·         Hands

£350 Two treatments 4 weeks apart

Rebuilds skin texture

Diminishes wrinkles

Dermal filler

·         Nose to mouth



Plumps out and reduces lines


·         Lip enhancement From £175


Shape, enhance and volumise lips
·         Neck rejuvenation £350  
·         Cheek defined Radiesse from£350/£550


Redefines facial contours, lifts and supports face 1.5ml -3ml-4.5ml
·         Cheek defined HA filler From £300 Enhanced cheeks
·         Rhinoplasty (Nose) £400 Shapes and straightens nasal  profile
·         Tear trough £390  dark circles/ fills under eye troughs
·         Smokers lines £310


Reduces lines around the mouth  with BTX

With no toxin

·         Chin / jaw From £300  
·         Hand rejuvenation From £350  

RF microneedling and HIFU

Advanced skin rejuvenation system

From £500 Lift/firm/tighten

please inquire about packages


Boosts collagen

Smooths skin

Eyes £350

Face £450

Both £550

Rebuilds collagen. Strengthens skin

Tixel Ablative skin rejuvenation

Acne scar removal  TCA


·         From £350

·         From £150

·         From £250

Eyes/ face/ décolletage/hands/acne scars

Effective treatment for acne scars

Sculptra £350/vial * Liquid face lift lasts 3 years
Thread Lift / facelift/neck lift From £1990 Lower facelift 10 threads
Botox sweat stop: underarms £395 Blocks sweat release
Botox sweat stop: per hand £350/ hand Blocks sweat release
Botox Migraine £500 Reduces headaches and migraines
Cryotherapy Medical Grade



Skin tags

Brown skin lesions

Minor surgery

Cyst   From £450

Skin tags





(1st treatment)


(2nd treatment)






From £100

Removes warts, verrucas, skin tags, age spots and other skin lesions
PRP ‘ Vampire’ facial skin rejuvenation

·         Face & Eyes

·         Lower face

·         Decolletage

·         Eyes only

·         Hands/ Neck


Package of 3




Unique anti aging skin rejuvenation and healing skin treatment. Uses growth hormones harvested from your own blood to stimulate collagen renewal.


Also treats soft tissue injury

Sclerotherapy £250/ 30 mins Removes thread veins on legs
Laser thread vein removal £200 Removes thread veins on face/ flushing
Dermaroller £100* Skin rejuvenation, smoother radiant skin
Dermaroller & active serums £125* Skin rejuvenation, hydrates and smooths skin
Skinpen £195 FDA approved device
LED light therapy




Facilitates destruction acne bacteria

Rosacea, eczema, dermatitis, dry flaky skin

Improves mood over dark winters

Microdermabrasion (MDA) £50* Deep exfoliation, buffs & polishes skin,  comedones black heads, reduces pore size

Thread Veins


One off treatment


·         Removes facial thread veins

·         Removes spider naevi

·         Calms flushing & red skin

·         Controls roseacea symptoms

·         Rejuvenates skin

·         Can improve superficial leg veins

MDA and Acid peel £125

(£350 x 4 peels)

·         Dehydration

·         Pigmentation

·         Acne

·         Skin rejuvenation

·         Fine lines

·         Dull, drab skin

Pigmentation peels £125

(£350 x 4 peels)

Targets pigmentation
Skin care packages/ offers:

MDA x5

LED lights x 5 with serums

Dermaroller 1.5mm x5






Save £50 ( buy 4 up front get 5 treatments)

Save £50 ( buy 4 up front get 5 treatments)

Save £100 (when package bought up front)