Dermamelan mask

is one of the most effective and cost effective treatments for pigmentation on the skin. Pigmentation can be caused by sun damage, post inflammation, hormones , genetics and aging. Pigmentation is difficult to treat due to the fact that its source lays deep inside the skin. Effective treatment penetrates into the skin and blocks off pigment formation in the defective melancytes. Your skin peels and sheds existing brown pigment. Dermamelan mask is kept on for 8 to 12 hours and then maintainance treatment is used to further increase the treatment’s effectivness. This intensive daily home treatment over a few months is why it is so effective.

Price for Mask plus maintenance and correct skin creams is £1000. Advice on your type of pigmentation and skin type determines the length of mask use.

Full package is £1000

Further maintainance packs may be needed. 


Pigmented lesions

Pigmentation or brown spots on the skin is one of the biggest problems in the skincare and aging industry.  The removal of pigmentation is one of the most difficult and yet most often requested treatments. Pigmentation can be caused by sun damage, aging, drugs or hormones.  Hyperpigmentation is caused when melanocytes cease to function properly. Pigmentation that lays deep in the dermis is particularly challenging to remove, superficial pigmentation is easier.

The PREVENTION of pigmentation should start at a very early age, in your 20s. Sun exposure should be avoided, NO sun beds and a effective high SPF factor cream should ALWAYS be applied, at lease SPF 30. In addition we know that free radicals enter skin cells and cause havoc with cell metabolism, This is why an effective antoixidant serum should be applied DAILY, Skinceuticals have patented unique antioxidant preparations that work to protect your skin and are an industry leader in antioxidant technology.

Once the melanocytes start to function erratically there will always be tendency for any treated pigmentation to reappear, it is imperative that the skin is continually protected against the effects of UV radiation.

Treatments include:

  • serums
  • laser
  • cryotherapy
  • peels
  • dermamelan mask

There are no quick fix solutions to pigmentation. Skin has to be treated very carefully as  treatment can cause MORE pigmentation due to a process know as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Treatment can also cause HYPOpigmentation