Male cosmetic


Male Cosmetic

Male cosmetic treatments and male grooming is the fastest growing sector of the cosmetic industry and with icons like David Beckham leading the way we don’t predict this trend will stop any time soon. For  many of our male clients the key priority is usually to look younger and more attractive. Dr Charlson understands the features required to make the male face more attractive such as the wider and defined jaw line and chin. Full lips and high cheekbones also are important male features for attractiveness and these can be achieved by using dermal fillers, toxin and skin treatments. Just ask!

Feedback tells us  that some of our clients prefer privacy and this can be arranged by asking for our VIP service at no extra cost

Why choose Skinqure Clinic?

  • Dr Charlson is a highly experienced cosmetic injector
  • Dr Charlson tailors his cosmetic treatments to suit the male facial anatomy.
  • Results flatter & accentuate desirable masculine characteristics
  • We have a large number of male clientele
  • Products available that work best in male skin
  • Full range of male treatments including laser, dermatology and hair loss
  • Discrete private premises
  • Gender neutral clinical environment
  • Packages available


(for further information on treatments please see anti aging menu)


To treat frown lines and crows feet last around three months

From £200

Men usually require significantly more Botulinum toxin than women hence the addition cost

(includes post treatment adjustment between 2 and 3 weeks)

Dermal fillers

Treat tissue loss, shadowing, dark circles, wrinkles and jowling. Lasts around 12 months

From £250 to £1000


Direct collagen stimulation, lasts up to three years  £800 to £1200

From £400

Tear Troughs and Eye Bags

Removed by specialist dermal filling treatment from £350 lasts at least 12 months


Prevent sweating in armpits and hands for 6 months  Botox injections from £395