Melasma treatment

Melasma treatment

Pigmentation treatment article by Dr Paul Charlson DPD

Pigmentation is a very common skin of aging and hormonal imbalance. Pigmentation frequently occurs during and after pregnancy (MELASMA) and as we age our melanocytes start to malfunction leading to over production of melanin. Melasma treatment can be challenging and expensive with variable results, we have found the dermamelan mask to be an effective safe treatment for melasma and pigmentation.

Sun exposure worsens pigmentation abnormalities can reoccur on exposure to the sun after treatment.

Pigmentation treatment is challenging because pigment can occur superficially as in melasma or deep in the dermis or throughout you skin. Harsh treatments may result in only TEMPORARY improvement and may actually INCREASE deep pigmentation in the long term, this is because inflammation in your skin or trauma to the skin leads to INFLAMMATION which itself causespigmentation. (PIH or Post Inflammatory Hyper pigmentation)

One of the most effective treatments for pigmentation is the DERMAMEALAN mask. The mask is applied in the clinic and worn for at least EIGHT hours. It is then removed and the home treatment starts for at least THREE months. Dermamealan is formulation to block the pigment cascade at different points to effectively PREVENT manufacturer of melanin within the melanocytes.

Dermamelan mask is a unique product that effectively diminishes and removes pigmentation over a period of a few months.

Dermamelan is effective on all skin types. It requires a maintenance treatment over a 3 month period and may have to be repeated but it offers a safe and effective solution to deep pigmentation which is extremely challenging to remove.

Prices from £500 for peels and £1000 for dermamelan mask and maintenance creams