Loyalty Card

Surveys prove that loyalty is valued as highly as love in any relationship.

At Skinqure we recognise this and offer our loyal customers the chance to earn a loyalty stamp every time they come for a treatment with us, once the card is full you will be elgible for a FREE treatment. Our way of thanking you and showing appreciation for your loyalty.

We are delighted to offer our regular clients the chance of having a loyalty card. Everytime you spend £200 you will be eligible for a stamp and once the card has SIX stamps you will be eligible for a FREE treatment of 2 sites of wrinkle freezing to the forehead worth £225.

Loyalty Card

Terms and conditions

  1. One stamp is awarded for each £200 spent
  2. The card is validated with SIX stamps and becomes redeemable
  3. The treatment is valid for to named card holder only
  4. A full card may be redeemed against £200 treatment for cosmetic injections in forehead
  5. The card is personal to NAMED holder, stamps and cards are NOT transferrable
  6. The card MUST be stamped after every £200 spend , at the time of your treatment
  7. It is client’s responsibility to keep the card and have it ready for presentation after treatment
  8. Completed loyalty cards are valid for SIX months from the date of completion