Loosing Weight

Loosing weight

Loosing weight can be exceptionally difficult with many people overwhelmed by  yo you dieting, mixed messages and stressful lives. We all know that there is an obesity epidemic in the UK. So many of us  are now CONSTANTLY on a diet and we are  fed endless news stories about celebrities who lost weight  with the latest quick fix gimmick but  we just keep on getting fatter and more unhealthy. Truth is diets are more likely to leave you leaner in the wallet than in the body!

THERE ARE NO QUICK FIXES. I wont be selling you herbal  pills or ‘diet’ food that only serve to maximize profit margins.

Learn to LOVE good food and exercise and the weight loss and improved  health happen naturally.

Long term stabilization of your weight and improved health requires a sea- change in the way you approach your diet and lifestyle .

Pru Charlson offers  PERSONALIZED weight reduction  SUPPORT.  In her role as a prescribing pharmacist Pru  has run NHS  hypertension clinics for the last 7 years and has motivated  many patients to tackle lifestyle issues that dramatically increase their risk of developing serious health issues in the long and short term. To complement this work Pru has recently completed an Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Diploma.

Sessions with Pru are private and concentrate on long term health and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle which will reduce your risk of developing:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Difficulties with conception
  • Hypertension
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Dementia
  • Joint problems

The risk of developing these conditions  significantly increases in line with increasing body fat.

Together, we will develop a personalized LIFESTYLE plan based around healthy food options and enjoyable exercise. and we will

  • Calculate a target weight RANGE than is appropriate for YOU
  • Define  YOUR weight loss personality
  • Assess your current diet habits
  • Look at why certain foods and food combinations facilitate rapid weight gain
  • Encourage you to improve your fitness
  • Challenge your emotional attachment to ‘dangerous’ food
  • Reduce stress

With help,  YOU can change your default food choice to the healthy option, not because you know you should but because you WANT to eat it. Junk food is not just junk it’s poison and its addictive.

Ultimately. diets fail because they rely on self control and abstinence from foods you love and it is IMPOSSIBLE to maintain that degree of self control permanantly, Learn to love healthy food and exercise and you will CHANGE PERMANENTLY.

So call me and come in for a FREE initial consultation. if you sign up for a years ongoing support it is £50 pcm for 12 months and you can come in and see me weekly.