Dermal Filler Treatments – Restoring Volume and Youth

Dermal fillers can be used to reverse the signs of ageing or change the shape of the face restoring volume and youth!.  Dr Charlson is an expert injector lecturing and teaching techniques nationally and internationally. He has many high profile patients who like the natural fresh look he creates. His patients want to look a better version of themselves not different and certainly not obviously treated. This he achieves by facial analysis and discussion. He uses safe advanced techniques to enhance chins, jawlines, lips, cheeks, temples, tear troughs, noses, foreheads and brows. This he offers to patients in East Yorkshire, such as West Hull villages, Hull and Beverley and further afield in Lincolnshire, and West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and North Yorkshire. He has several clients from further afield who travel to see him here and in London. 

If you want a sharper jawline or a defined chin or cheeks Paul can discuss with you what will look right for your face. There are a range of dermal fillers .The possibilities are endless given high-quality products appropriately placed with a cannula or needles. The key is the right product in the right place administered safely by the right person – why risk your face to anyone less qualified? 

Paul says ” Fillers used properly can restore lost volume in the older or slimmer face and balance features such as a short chin or bumpy nose. They are so versatile but need skill after a proper facial assessment”

Paul is listed in the Tweakments Guide for handpicked national acclaimed practitioners and the Harley Street Emporium