Eyelash serum

Eyelash serum

Eyelash serum is taking the beauty world by storm. These serums effectively length and thicken your eyelashes without the need to use false lashes or glues that irritate the fine tissues around your eyes. Tissue irritation also causes swelling and puffiness around your eyes which is the LAST  thing you need.

False eyelashes used to be a girl’s best friend but NOW you can use lash enhancers that work constantly to thicken and lengthen your lashes!

Thanks to Cheryl Cole and other celebrities everyone is mad for false eyelashes, big bold and flirty they magnify your eyes and get you noticed!

The reality of false eye lashes, however, is far from glamorous: expensive, time consuming, irritating and unreliable. There is nothing flirty about your eyelashes falling off in the middle of a hot date!. At skinqure we have the answer. Amalian eyelash serum, a hypoallergenic product from Germany, boosts your natural eyelash (and eyebrow) growth and makes then long, thick luscious and lasting.

Amalian eyelashe serum works by inhibiting the prostaglandin that causes eyelashes to fall out, allowing them to grow for longer without falling out. This is a medical grade serum and offers incredible value.  As we age our eyelashes and Eye brows become finer and Amalian eyelash serum also thickens and lengthens eyebrows and eyelashes to allow the addition of individual eyelashes to be applied if desired.

There is no glue, no fuss, no irritation, no in fills, no inconvenience and no worry.
Amalian lashes is used like an eyeliner and works in about 4 weeks.

The RRP is £100 but we sell amalian lashes for £80 , (+£5 post and packaging)

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