Crows Feet

Crows Feet


Crows feet are made up of TWO distinct types of wrinkles, requiring TWO different treatments to create an 180 degree treatment around the outside of your eyes.

Typically, when do men and women start showing signs of crows feet?

The age is highly variable, but we see many people in their mid-30’s starting to see small lines that don’t go away. But people could fall in this category in their twenties or not until their forties, but mid-30’s is an average age.

What are the biggest crows feet instigators?

The three S’s: Smiling, Squinting and Sleeping, listed in the order of problem-causing. Smiling is the biggest instigator of crows feet, then squinting, then sleeping.

To get an idea of how wrinkles form, picture a paperclip. When you bend that paperclip back and forth and back and forth, after a while, the paperclip will break.

This is the same with your skin. Repetitive motions that cause creases in your skin will break the collagen and elastic fibers in your skin and cause wrinkles anywhere on the face, not just around the eyes.

Upper /mid cows feet are caused by the movement of underlying MUSCLE that causes your skin to wrinkle when you laugh and create facial expressions as you talk. These upper/mid crows feet can be smoothed away with BOTOX injections.

A series of tiny injections of a few units of toxin are placed under the skin in an arc around the outside of each eye. The effect of these injections lasts about 12 weeks.

As you age and you continue to loose the deep underlying tissue within the dermis and epidermis of the skin you develop more wrinkles around your eyes and further wrinkles that are caused by the movement of your CHEEKS when making facial expressions, These wrinkles can be smoothed away by using a  dermal filler.

The effects of dermal filler lasts 6 to 18 months,

Full Botox + Crows Feet Complete Treatment  ( Liquid Brow Lift  or cheek enhancement + Crows feet Complete Treatment) £350 upwards See our page on eye rejuvenation.