Botox is now firmly established as a popular, safe and effective treatment to temporarily remove lines and wrinkles from the upper face.

The length of time the treatment remains effective varies, the older and more active you are, the sooner the effects wear away.

Dr Charlson has preformed thousands of successful botox injections since he established Skinqure Clinic in 2001.

Botox is used as a generic term for toxin injections for cosmetic enhancement but there are three different manufacturers of toxin for cosmetic purposes, all work in the same way and have similar effects. 

Botox is safe when administered by an experienced trained medical professional, it is a prescription medicine and there are contrandications and interactions with its safe use. 

Dr Paul  Charlson has published articles on the use of Botox in medical journals

 Botox : use in cosmetic dermatology by Dr Paul Charlson

  • Excellent client satisfaction ratings
  • Paul has preformed thousands of successful botox procedures
  • Skill and experience gives a natural , pleasing result
  • Effective & safe
  • Full effect in 7 days+

Why choose Skinqure Clinic?

  • Botox is a legal medicine (POM) & has to be prescribed by a prescribing clinician
  • ‘Botox’ has become a generic name for wrinkle freezing treatment than can be achieved by Botox (Allergan) , Bocouture (Merz), Azzalure (Galderma) these treatments require different numbers of units to be injected for successful outcome
  • Consultation & treatment on same day
  • We always have toxin in stock
  • ‘Top up’ service available between 2 to 4 weeks
  • Botox products guaranteed from licensed suppliers
  • Different toxin products available to suit client need
  • Fresh botox product correctly stored
  • Post treatment advice
  • Prices of botox from £175

Botox works on :

  • crows feet
  • glabella (the crease between the eyes)
  • forehead
  • under the eyes
  • bunny lines on the nose
  • your mouth
  • your chin
  • improves jaw definition
  • turkey neck
  • sweating and migraine

Botox Prices:

  • Glabella £175
  • Crows feet £175
  • Glabella and forehead £225
  • Glabella and bunny lines £200
  • TTT (Total toxin treatment) £250 (ex Nefertiti lift)
  • Nefertiti lift for ‘turkey’ neck and defined jaw line/neck £350

Botox is now firmly established at THE iconic cosmetic treatment of the 21st century. Effective and safe, Botox is beloved by celebrities and yet is accessible to all: we can all look more youthful, vibrant and energetic without the need to resort to expensive and risky surgery nor live with scars.

Optimal Botox results rely on the accurate placement of tiny amounts of toxin directly into the correct facial muscles, in the correct position at the correct depth. Poor injection technique and ignorance of facial anatomy combined can cause loss of facial symmetry and product wastage. Skilled treatment diminishes lines and wrinkles, ‘opens’ up your eyes yet leaves a natural, fresh, pleasing appearance.

Toxins are safe and have been used for many years to treat medical conditions such as migraine and bladder instability.

At Skinqure we ONLY use products sourced from reputable suppliers that have been freshly prepared and properly stored.  We use the three brands of botulinum toxin, Botox,  Bocouture/Xeomin Azzalure/Dysport and Vistabel.


Q. How do botox , the muscle freezing injections work?

A. We inject a purified protein that relaxes small facial muscles. It is most often used for cosmetic purposes in the small muscles of the face which contributes to frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead or lip lines, and down-turned corners of the mouth. It is also used and licensed for medical indications.

Q. Why have a separate consultation and then return for later treatment, this is inconvenient?

A. A doctor can consult and administer in one convenient treatment, as they are allowed to keep stock.  Nurses are not allowed to keep stock of POM drugs and legally have to order drug in for each individual patient.

Q. Why has been so much bad publicity regarding training and regulation of injections?

A. Careful research to find a professionally regulated, fully trained and insured practitioner is vital. Our clients are often shocked to realise that the cosmetic injection market is totally unregulated in the UK. In other European countries ONLY doctors can administer these treatments but in the UK there are an increasing number of poorly trained practitioners offering treatments. If they have ANY training at all it can be done in one day with scant hands on experience. Many practitioners also make misleading and irrelevant claims about previous experience which has no bearing on their ability to practice cosmetic dermatology. The Government is currently looking into regulation of the market to improve consumer safety.

Q. I have heard of something called Botulism.  Is the treatment related to Botulism?

A. This is a very important question. The active ingredient is the same. In larger amounts it can cause Botulism. Botulism poisoning, although rare, can occur if a person eats contaminated food. The bacteria make huge amounts of toxin, which circulate throughout the body and cause symptoms of botulism. Cosmetic treatment uses extremely small does of toxin (under 50 units), it can be injected into specific muscles of the upper face very safely. Clinical studies of over 20 years have shown Botox to be effective and safe. Skilled injectors target very specific injection sites for the desired cosmetic effect.

Q. How do I know my doctor won’t give me too much toxin?

A. Paul has been treating patients with Botox since 2002. He is fully trained and we only use properly sourced products from reputable suppliers with professional quality control.

 Q. Are there patients who should not receive treatment?

A. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, or people who have myasthenia gravis or muscle diseases.

Q. Do injections hurt?

A.  There is no irritation or inflammation. Occasionally there may be a very mild sting. Certainly, but no anesthesia is needed prior to injections. However, we have found that our clients’ sensitivity varies enormously and we offer anaesthetic cream for those who want to use it. We use tiny needles.

Q. Are there any interactions with other drugs?

A. It is always important to let your doctor know if you are taking any other drugs, especially antibiotics such as amino glycoside. These types of antibiotics may increase the effect of Botox.

Q. How long does the treatment take to work? How long does it last?

Experience tells us, it takes 7 to 10 days for most patients to see the effects. Some patients notice the effects in as few as 3 days. Most patients get 90% relaxation of these muscles. A recent study in the USA showed that Botox lasted from 3 to 8 months for upper facial wrinkling, in most patients it lasts 3 to 5 months. Yes, repeated injections are performed to maintain a benefit over a long period of time usually three times a year. The treatment can be performed for as long as is required. With continued treatments the effects are more lasting. Sometimes a patient will want Botox for a one time special occasion such as their child’s wedding or a reunion.

Q. Are there any side effects?

A. Because of the tiny doses that are used for facial wrinkling, no significant side effects have been reported. Patients sometimes have a feeling of stiffness or numbness in the area injected, however, as the nerves of touch are unaffected, this sensation is transient and disappears in a few days.

Q.  Will it freeze my forehead and make it mask like and shiny?

A .Because Paul has administered so many treatments he is able to ‘relax’ around 90% of muscle activity and allow for a natural result. Lines and wrinkles are smoothed out and, as the muscles are not contracted they start to get smaller and the lines less deep.

Q. I had treatment and my facial expression/eyebrows were asymmetrical

A. This happens when the injector doesn’t have the skill or basic understanding of the facial anatomy to know where to place fine adjustments to even up your facial muscles. There is no formal training scheme or regulation for cosmetic injections and unfortunately there are many practitioners who have very little experience and scant knowledge.