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Jeremy Kyle: Investigates dermal filler treatments- select your practitioner with care

There are so many clinics offering “aesthetics” in the UK. How do you know where to go and who to see? The problem is the sector is largely unregulated. Anyone can call themselves an aesthetics practitioner. There are clinicians – Those trained in some type of health care profession and non clinical practitioners such as beauty therapists.

Health Care Professionals

All health care professions have a professional body. All practitioners have to be registered with  that body such as the GMC  which regulates Doctors 

Professionals by virtue of the fact they are regulated have to at least adhere to a standard of practice. This includes ethics, patient confidentiality and behaviour. However any professional can set up an aesthetics business with minimal training. Frankly it is common. Just because someone is a senior Doctor or Nurse does not imply they can automatically perform a good aesthetic procedure. It takes training and practice.

The key is to ask how much experience the practitioner has. How many of a chosen procedure they have  performed. Look for evidence of this, do they write or lecture ?, Have they attended any training courses? Are they a member of a professional body such as the British College of Aesthetic Medicine

Before and after photographs can be useful but often the best results are quite subtle and do not photograph well. With photo enhancement anything can be altered.

The ability to respond to and solve complications is vital. Ask about what provision the clinic has for problems and emergencies. Is the practitioner able to prescribe and administer the necessary medications?

Dr Charlson sometimes uses ULTRASOUND  to detect arteries in high risk areas which further reduces the risks.

Cheap is rarely good

It is easy to be seduced by cheap prices. Cheap deals often imply poor quality material, lack of insurance, inappropriate premises with poor infection control. Running a proper aesthetics practice is expensive. It may be great for someone to visit you at home but is this the best place to perform a procedure?

It is your body it is not worth taking the risk

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