Acne treatment

Acne Treatment

A private consultation with Paul for acne is £150.

Acne treatment is very challenging. Acne is a common condition that effects people of ALL ages but it  is often poor manged and the full range of  treatment options may not be made available to you. You may suffer for many years without resolution.

We care for many acne sufferers in the Skinqure clinic and there are two features that acne sufferers have in common : acne reduces their quality of life and it is not always treated effectively . Frequently acne sufferers feel embarrassed to ask their GP for help because they feel their condition is trivial.Acne treatment: Acne causes emotional distress

Dr Paul Charlson DPD

Acne Treatment advice Dr Paul Charlson DPD

Paul is  Medical Director at Skinqure  understands the psychological consequences of the condition . ‘Acne has a significant impact on confidence and wellbeing and can lead to depression. Paul has published numerous articles on acne treatment and has many years experience in acne treatment including the use of roaccutane or isotretinoin. He holds a Doploma in Practical dermatology and runs NHS dermatology clinics in Hull and Leeds

Paul can offer advice and treatment for teenage and ADULT acne.

Acne treatment is graded in a clinical grading scale.

At Skinqure we offer effective treatments, practical advice, sympathy and understanding’
Acne vulgaris primarily affects 12 to 25 years olds of both sexes but adult acne is not uncommon especially in women.
Acne can occur in pregnancy and this is particularly challenging to treat due to the fact that many acne preparations are contraindicated in pregnancy.
. We offer LED blue light which is proven to kill acne bacteria and microdermabrasion to clear out clogged follicles to help treat this difficult condition.
Acne lesions are probably due to an increase in the production of sebum which disrupts the surface of the skin and facilitates the colonisation of hair follicles with bacteria leading to infection and inflammation.

Management of acne requires treatment that is tailored to the type and severity of the condition.  Treatment may be a topical agent applied to the skin or a combination of oral antibiotics and a topical agent. Each agent works differently but aims to affect one or more of the following :clear clogged  pilo-sebaceous glands, kill the “acne” bacteria, reduce inflammation or control hormone imbalance. Treatment should reduced in number severity and duration of outbreaks and prevent scarring. It is important not to over stimulate the skin which can lead to a worsening of the condition.

Paul says ‘ In addition to standard therapies, Lira skincare is a great add on to acne treatment. Mild peels clear out follicles and help eradicate bacteria. The cleansers and creams help maintain healthy, clear skin. In severe cases oral Vitamin A is used under specialist supervision.’


Acne rosacea is is not a true acne.

Rosacea presents with facial flushing, redness, spots and thickened oily skin. The redness and telangiectasia (thread veins) associated with rosacea can be effectively treated with the Gemini 532 laser which targets the red pigment inside blood vessels and destroys them. The spots can be treated with antibiotics and the oily skin with Lira skin treatments.

Treatment with the Gemini 532 laser is £200/session

Lira  deep acne skin treatments are £100 per treatment. 

A dermatology consultation with Dr Charlson is £200. Please note if you are prescribed prescription medication this would be on a private basis and you would cover the costs of this medication. We would always recommend communication with your GP in this instance to ensure they are aware of the medication you are taking. A consultation for peels and skin care is free


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