Sheep Placenta facial

Sheep placenta facial was pioneered in Hollywood, California by the famous dermatologist, Dr Harold Lancer. Dr Lancer is, without doubt one of the most successful dermatologists in the world and his client list is packed with some of the most famous A listers working in Hollywood.

The unusual treatment involves taking the placenta from prime New Zealand livestock – the stem cells, which are full of rich nutrients that fight free-radical skin damage, are extracted and then flash frozen.

They are then mixed into a gel containing gold flecks which are slathered over the face after it has been exfoliated, exposed to steam and had pores opened by LED light from a handheld device.

While it may sound like an intense treatment, the curly-haired star isn’t the first to try out an experimental facial.

Sheep Placenta facial is combines with dermaroller or LED light treatment to provide a rich rejuvenative skin treatment that leave your complexion glowing.

Price of the f sheep placenta facial is £250

The sheep placenta facial nourishes and hydrates your skin leaving a glowing healthy complexion. The sheep placenta serum is applied after the use of LED lights which stimulate your skin art cellular levels to kick start the metabolic processes on which healthy cell function depend.

Kim Kardashian, Simon Cowell and Victoria Beckham are  fans of this treatment. Harry styles the One Direction singer is also a fan  Sheep Placenta Facial , One Direction’s Harry Styles is a fan