Semi Permanent Make up

Semi Permanent make up is an  increasingly popular solution for anyone fed up with constantly having to apply lip stick or worrying if your mascara has run!

Lauren is an experienced make up artist who offers make up for weddings and semi permanent make up.

Semi-permanent make-up lasts between nine and 18 months. The type Lauren uses is natural, mineral-based and non-toxic, meaning treatments are hypoallergenic.

First, she uses a regular eyebrow pencil to shape and colour my brow – and once I was happy with the colour and shape, a topical anaesthetic was applied to numb the skin.

Next, a fine needle was used to tattoo individual hairs – more irritating than painful. The process was the same for the eyeliner.


The Beauty Boutique founder, Lauren is qualified in all aspects of make-up. Lauren has over ten year’s experience within the industry and started as a beauty consultant for Lancome.

Lauren prides herself on her passion for Make-up and enhancing peoples natural beauty in a professional and safe manner.

Lauren is a qualified Make-up artist who specialises in semi permanent make up, awarded by the Aspire Beauty School. Aspire Beauty School’s training is recognised by the Guild, the Federation of Holistic Therapists, Medical Insurers and professional beauty leaders.

We are delighted that Lauren is working with us!       semi permanent make up and wedding make up

Semi Permanent Make-Up, also known as Micro Pigmentation is a procedure that has successfully been undertaken for many years. The benefits of this procedure are hugely sought after by many people who want to save time and money whilst enhancing and maximising their natural features and confidence.

SPMU enables you to feel fresh faced 24/7 and offers a natural look and finish to the desired area of the face which does not wash off, smudge or disappear throughout the day. This is why these treatments are becoming increasingly popular.


  • Eyebrows Price

  • 3D Brows£250
  • Blush£250
  • Combination£250
  • Hair Stroke£250
  • Eyes

  • Eyeliner – Top & Bottom£200
  • Eyeliner – Top or Bottom£190
  • Lash Liner – Top & Bottom£200
  • Lash Liner – Top or Bottom£190
  • Eyelash Enhancement – Top & Bottom£200
  • Eyelash Enhancement – Top or Bottom£190
  • Lips Price

  • Lip Liner£275
  • Lip Liner & Blush£300
  • Full Lip Colour£320
  • Maintenence

  • Colour Retouch – Within One Year£195
  • Colour Retouch – After One Year£220
  • Colour Retouch – After Three Years£275

All prices above include the following; Consultation, Initial Procedure & Aftercare.