Acne healing

Acne treatment with LED lights

LED or light emitting diode therapy uses low energy light waves to penetrate and revitalize your skin.

Red/ Blue light kills acne bacteria,

Red light stimulates fibroblasts

Yellow light reduces inflammation and promotes healing.

Our Dermalux LED treatment combines these 3 wavelengths, blue, red and yellow, to optimally treat your skin and promote clear, shiny healthy skin that makes you  relax look and feel fantastic and not a needle in sight.

We have a variety of unique treatment options to suit all budgets and skin concerns

Direct from Hollywood our LUXURY LED treatment:

Dermaroller+ Sheep placenta+ LED = £250

LED Prices:

  • LED £45/session *
  • LED for acne in young person £20/session
  • LED with lira serums £55/session*
  • LED + Dermaroller + lira serums £155/session
  • LED+Dermaroller+ Sheep placenta facial £250/session
  • LED eye area treatment £20/session*
  • LED soft tissue injury £45/session *
  • LED roseacea £45/session*
  • LED eczema/psoriasis £45/session*
  • LED SAD £45/session

* buy 5 get 1 free, buy 10 get 3 f ree

LED light rejuvenation is a fantastic treatment for delicate skin and areas that have to be treated with caution due to the high risk of unwanted side effects or client wants NO DOWNTIME.
  • Decolletage
  • Hands
  • Neck
  • Acne treated skin including antibiotics roaccutane
  • Damaged or sensitive skin
  • Post procedure healing
  • high Fitzpatrick types (5 & 6)